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Do you struggle to compare merchant accounts or merchant account providers? Are you swamped with many different options, rates and tools? We understand the complexities with e-commerce, online payment processing, merchant services and online merchant account providers – so we have built this website to make it simple for you. Hopefully our information will give you the confidence needed to accept online payments. We have information mainly on UK merchant accounts and disclose the most recent information we have on their rates and prices.

Small Business Merchant Account

Choosing the right merchant services suitable for your small business should not be a quick task or decision – it should be one done with careful research and attention. More and more people these days rely on credit cards and debit cards for almost all of their transactions. If you don’t have credit card processing facilities then you risk being left behind. Also, with the growing popularity of ecommerce websites, the need for internet merchant accounts with online payment facilities has never been greater.

Before the modern day services, the only place you could get credit card processing facilities or services were from the high street banks. When other merchant service providers were able to offer similar services, it made the market an even more diverse environment for both the shopper and the business owner.  However, alongside this great advantage came the challenging task of small businesses deciding who to choose.

We’re finding that decisions have become tougher these days because of the range of facilities, service agreements and of course the fees all differed. Some providers were nice, easy and straight forward to deal with for clients while others were (and still are) less so simple. You have some gateways who only offer the standard services while other providers offer the complete package; payment solutions and assisted support.

Merchant Account Reviews | Find the Best Merchant Account

As with every service, you’ll want to find the best merchant account for your business – but get ready to find a mix bag of reviews.  This industry is exactly the same; you will find a range of positive merchant account reviews and also find negative reviews. What you should look out for is UK call centres, excellent customers service response rates and of course a provider that is affordable to you and one that doesn’t eat too much into your profits.  These days, providers tend to be very good on rates and fees and not as expensive as they used to be.

The final thing you need to consider is the facilities that they provide.  You have to make sure that they have the tools and resources available whether it is an online accounts facility, payment card machines or even a module for your ecommerce website.

So in conclusion to this section, please don’t take all the merchant account reviews you read to heart, it would be our strong advice to call the providers and spend time getting to learn exactly what they can do for your business.  We have an article on what to look for when you compare merchant accounts in our blog section.

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