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Cardsave Merchant services and Online Payments…

The Cardsave community contains around 65,000 members and was formed in 1995. Before the company started, the founder was actually a retailer but highly frustrated by the high and increasing costs of the credit card processing services available for his business. The only way for him (and others at the time) to better their rates would be to drastically increase their buying power – which meant teaming up with others in the same situation – and this how the Cardsave merchant services were born and their journey started.

Cardsave merchant services have support their customers through a range of industry developments and changes. They help merchants across a wide range of business sectors who all need the ability to take card payments whether it be online or over their shop counter.

Cardsave merchant services are now apart of and supported by the strengths of the WorldPay Group, who are the largest processor in the UK (on transaction volume). You could say that the Cardsave community are now benefiting from the best of both worlds.

Cardsave Grimsby and Cardsave Nottingham

You will no doubt want peace of mind that your transactions are being processed efficiently and securely – which is what Cardsave merchant services offer through their dedicated support team who (before you start) will listen to your requirements and advise on the best service/solution. Cardsave Grimsby and Cardsave Nottingham both have their own offices here in the UK – which is great if you’re looking for UK based call centers.

Cardsave Reviews

We have read a wide range of Cardsave reviews and we have been very impressed with consumers feedback.  If you do your own research, you will see that all payment gateways have a mix of positive and negative feedback.  Our advise is simple, get in touch with them and get first hand experience on their support and services before you even start.

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*Clicking the ‘Get A Free Quote’ button will take you to the Cardsave.net website where you will be able to submit an enquiry for someone to give you a call.  The link is an affiliate link, so we will get a small commission if you take out their service – to which we will be greatful for if you wish to continue

Further Details / Merchant Account Fees:

Here are some key information about Cardsave to help you compare..

Setup Fee Free Monthly Fee £19.95 License Fee Free
Application Fee Free Programming Fee Free Discount Rate Free
Transaction Fee > 350 pcm transactions = Free10p thereafter Statement Fee Free Customer Service Fee Free
Internet Gateway Fee Free Check by Phone Software Free Check Recovery Service Free
Credit Restrictions None

We hope you found this useful. Please click the button below to request a call from Cardsaver and see how they can help your business today.

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*Clicking the ‘Get A Free Quote’ button will take you to the Cardsave.net website

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